Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Amazon Voucher Winner and a sad tale of loss...

The winner of my £10.00 Amazon voucher is Julia Mealing.

The first randomly chosen winner had entered 59 times so I was not entirely surprised when they came out of the hat but in one of their entries they claimed to be following me on Twitter when they're not. Prize withdrawn.

The second  randomly drawn winner had only entered once. They also claimed an entry for following me on Twitter and because they are they have won.

Congratulations Julia.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Competition: Win a copy of 'A Girl Called Jack: 100 delicious budget recipes'

100 easy and delicious meals on a tight budget with Jack Monroe's A Girl Called Jack.

Jack is a cash-strapped single mum living in Southend. When she found herself with a shopping budget of just £10 a week to feed herself and her young son, she addressed the situation with immense resourcefulness, creativity and by embracing her local supermarket's 'basics' range. She created recipe after recipe of delicious, simple and upbeat meals that were outrageously cheap. Learn with Jack Monroe's A Girl Called Jack how to save money on your weekly shop whilst being less wasteful and creating inexpensive, tasty food.

Recipes include Vegetable Masala Curry for 30p a portion, Pasta alla Genovese for 19p a portion, Fig, Rosemary and Lemon Bread for 26p and a Jam Sponge reminiscent of school days for 23p a portion.

'Sassy, political, and cooking amazing food on £10 a week. We need more like her' - Xanthe Clay, The Telegraph

Jack Monroe is a 24-year-old single mother and local newspaper reporter. Finding herself with a food budget of just £10 a week, she began to create nutritious recipes to feed herself and her son. Giving the recipes out to a local food bank, to help others in her situation, she then began to publish them online on her blog, A Girl Called Jack, which now has thousands of followers. Jack was awarded the 2013 Fortnum and Mason Judges' Choice Award for the impact that her blog has had. She lives in Essex with her son.

Best of Luck

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Sunday, 13 April 2014

When Social Media gets you down it’s time to get out.

I recently had a bad experience on Facebook when I realised someone I don't know at all nurtures an unhealthy and long standing grudge against me – why? – Because I once had to chase up delivery of a prize I won on their blog with the IPM / ASA and ironically I still didn't receive it.

In fact I gave up on the prize, advised them I no longer wanted it, and if it ever did turn up would they please donate it to an appropriate charity - as far as I can tell this didn't happen either.

So hang on; if anyone is going to hold a grudge over this surely it should be me?

I’d shrugged it all off a long time ago, in ‘comping’ s**t occasionally happens, you pursue missing prizes through the legitimate channels available to you and if this fails then you go on your way a little wiser.

 I had all but forgotten about this but the blogger clearly hadn't to the extent that they were still angry enough to spread stories about me years later and even seek to influence others to take actions against me on the strength of them.

I'm beginning to think bloggers are a bit of a neurotic crowd (and I don't exclude myself from this sweeping generalisation)

Would the grudge holding one have preferred me to enter into an abusive public spat on Twitter or Facebook rather than make an entirely justified IPM complaint?

That’s not my way at all so it was never going to happen.

And sadly this is why  my Facebook friends list has been emptied – apologies to the many nice people I interacted with there but when something on Social Media makes ‘tears of resentment at the TERRIBLE injustice of it all’ rise up in your eyes then it’s time to hightail it out of town and  back off for a while.

It’s also put me off entering blog competitions even though I run them myself and will continue to do so.

 My competition winners are always chosen fairly, if this particular individual won one of my competitions then they would undoubtedly receive their prize but I no longer trust others to be as fair.

A rafflecopter winner can be deleted and another drawn if you dislike the first, generally this would only happen if you spotted a cheat, but you could also do it because you held a grudge - didn't like someones face -  and no-one would be any the wiser.

In the past I would have strenuously argued that this simply would not happen; now I’m not so sure.

I am advised - although I have not checked it out for myself -  that in the case of a missing prize ‘advertised’ on a blog the ASA will go after the blogger not the sponsor and this might explain why some bloggers take it so very personally (and angrily) when a missing prize is pursued.

Any prizes offered on my blog are in my possession before the giveaway starts and I despatch them myself.

 This is mainly because of  my experiences as a comper and I find it eliminates most problems which  might otherwise arise.

 Overall I'm saddened by the experience. It takes a lot of negative energy to hold a grudge and ultimately harms the person holding it much more than the recipient.

Take care out there.

Coleus Chimes